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Tuesday 14 May 2019 – day 1

Opening speech, Slawomir Tokarski

Keynote speech

Presentations of results from the #EU Cluster Weeks events

Panel discussion on fostering strategic interregional collaboration


Wednesday 15 May 2019 – day 2

Plenary session on the bridges between cluster-related EU initiatives

Moderator welcome and graphic debrief of the first day, Carsten Schierenbeck

Presentation from the Commission on the future cluster policy and cluster excellence, Ulla Engelmann

Panel discussions on linkages between cluster-related EU initiatives with different services of the European Commission

Parallel breakout sessions on challenges and opportunities for future cluster development and industrial transformation

Breakout session 1: Digitalisation and skills gap


Breakout session 2: Circular Europe


Breakout session 3: Shared value and social impact


Inspiring presentations on trending topics identified by the cluster community through a "call for ideas" on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform


Closing panel discussion, Merete Nielsen

MasterClass-TER training for cluster managers and policy-makers, Alain Tubiana